Video Testimonials

An example of a customer testimonial 

Enhance your credentials

People put more trust in what others say about your products and services than you do. So having customer testimonials is a great addition to your marketing efforts.


People, like to hear stories as to why someone recommends a company/product or service.  And being able to watch that person speak and see the body language can add weight to the message.


This makes video testimonials, a great way to take your messaging to another level to help build more trust with prospects, in you, and your products and services.

In addition, the fact that people are more likely to watch videos means more people are likely to see your video testimonials.

We can film your client's endorsements using up to three camera angles in one take to add variety and thus create a more viewing interest.

We recommend an up to 60-second video for optimum social media usage, with your company branding* including 'Outro' for use on your web site and social media, such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

This is not a real testimonial, but an example to illustrate the concept