What does a grass trimmer and video marketing have in common?

Updated: May 3, 2018

You are probably wondering what a grass trimmer and video marketing have in common. Last week I had to change the head of my trimmer and I failed miserably on step one of the instructions.

So, I turned to YouTube and found a video by Mark Thomas (@markthomasbuilder) who walked me through the process.

Why was the video successful?

It was able to include some information visually that wasn't conveyed by the written instructions.

I had to find a hole to unlock the head and that was covered by dirt and grime. The instructions assumed the hole would be in full sight so only talked in general terms where the hole was. The video was able to pinpoint it exactly, It was all in the visuals.

With that guidance, I was able to locate the hole, complete the change and get back to work in just a few minutes. And the rest is history.

Even though this was an instructional video, the same applies with marketing videos.

You can convey a lot more than you can with just the written word, or even photographs. Often the communication is subtle. In this case Mark didn’t know when he made the video that I may watch it with my particular issue. But it still did the job.

The same thing can happen with marketing videos, showing other aspects of the product or service not part of the script.

For example, some real estate agents I talk to who use video report that some buyers who meet them for the first time feel they already have a level of rapport with the agent after watching their property listing videos!

This is an example of the subtle power of video and why you should be considering using video in your marketing.