Can you see it? How video taps into a basic human instinct

This video demonstrates how video taps into a basic human instinct, our fight or flight response.

Watching the film clip you are faced with a scene of trees and a fence. Something is out of place, but it is not immediately obvious. You may need to stare at the picture for a while to see it.

Contrast this with the next scene where the Kookaburra moves.

It was sitting on a branch in plain sight.

But the chances are you didn’t see it. in what was a visually complex scene, until it moved.

Then your eyes would have gone straight to that part of the scene.

This is because, as part of our basic survival instinct we are hardwired to take notice of movement in case it is a potential threat.

In today's modern world video plays really well to that basic human response and is why it‘s so good at getting our attention.