Mobile First

Real Estate Videos

Did you know?

  •  5 7% of video plays worldwide come from mobile devices (source)

  • Smartphone users hold their phone vertically about 94% of the time (source)

  • Vertical videos see a 90% higher completion rate compared to horizontal videos (source)



Vertical videos are defined as having aspect ratios that are higher than they are wide. Video has traditionally been horizontal (wider than it is high), but that is changing when it comes to the web. because of how people use their phones.

Mobile First

Real Estate Property Videos

Just $79

photos supplied

Maximise the investment that you have already made in photographs, to create a professional looking video to help take your marketing of the property to another level for as little as $79 (AUD).

The clever use of layout and motion graphics animation means even when using still photographs, the output can be very engaging.

Think Mobile First Video for Better Results

  • Mobile First Format - Vertical format that is better suited to smart phone users who use their phone vertically 94% of the time and even watch videos vertically that are designed to be watched horizontally and now make up the majority of video plays.

  • Unique presentation format - The style is very different to what others are doing helping you to stand out from the crowd.

  • Lots of colour and movement to grab attention - videos will autoplay(*) and with motion graphics to provide lots of additional colour and movement they are more likely to grab and hold the viewer's attention in their crowded social media feeds.

  • Use on social media and traditional web platforms - maximise your marketing reach. Use on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn, as well as and Clients are accessing these sites via mobile too.

  • Customisable - Give the videos your own look and feel with your logo and call out colour scheme of your choice.

  • Versatile - support for videos and still photos. Videos are recommended, but photos can be used to create a professional looking video where movement is created through motion graphics via animation of text, shapes, call outs and/or even the frames containing the photographs.

Why a vertical video?

Features and Benefits

$79 - Photos/Videos Supplied


  1. Send us your Logo​

  2. Send us your photos or videos(**)

  3. We will create a video using your photos/video clips(***)

  4. The video will include a copyright free soundtrack that can be used on social media such as Facebook and Instagram, as well as YouTube.

  5. Sales messaging of key features will be included in the call-outs featured. Just let us know what features you would like to highlight.

  6. Create your own look and feel through selection of your call out colours (background and text) as well as featuring your logo throughout as indicated in the Style video examples.

  7. Customised Call-to-action page with your logo and text of your choice.

$100 - Filmed by us Option


  1. If you prefer us to do the filming we can for an additional $100.

  2. Book a time for us to do the filming* - Filming locations should be within 30 min drive time of Ourimbah NSW. Beyond that additional travel time may be charged. Any extra charges will be fixed and agreed upon in advance.

More Information

* Videos will generally auto-play if uploaded to each social media platform. That is, uploading the video to Facebook will maximise the chances of it auto-playing in reader's news feeds as they scroll down,


** You must own, or have permission to use, the photos and videos that you send us. If the media comes from another photographer/videographer, check your contract. If you don't have a formal contract with your photographer/videographer, we suggest you contact them as they generally retain ownership, to confirm you can use the photos/video clips for this purpose.

Have you considered doing the filming yourself? It is easier than you think. Contact us for more information on the key tips and tricks for getting 10 to 12, 8-10 second professional looking video clips of a property.

*** For the best results, video clips should be filmed in high definition (1920 x 1080) landscape format and be of approximately 8 - 10 seconds in length.


Some form of stabilisation, such as a gimbal, is highly recommended. Gimbals that support smartphones can generally be purchased for around $200.


Just 8-10 photos/video clips are required for one of these videos.

Not sure, or have questions?

If you still have questions please don't hesitate to get in contact. We would be happy to answer your questions.