2for1 Video


The Challenge

  1. Raising your agency or personal brand, using video

  2. Looking for ways to stand out from your competition?

Video is a Great way to

  1. Build trust in your brand as a real estate agent

  2. Generate more leads

  3. Increase sales


The Offer


Making video a feasible addition for two of your

upcoming property marketing campaigns

  • Introductory 2 for 1 video offer 

  • Available to new customers of Gary Burgess

  • Buy one property listing video for $399 and get one for free

  • Offer expires 30 Jul 2018

  • Properties to be filmed on the Central Coast NSW by the end of August 2018

  • One 2for1 offer per Agency. An Agency is defined as one business controlled by one or more principals/owners. For example, an Agency with three offices reporting to the same owner, or owners, is defined as one Agency for the purposes of this 2for1 promotional offer.

What do I get?

Two videos, each with:


  1. An up to 60-second video (mp4).

  2. Royalty free soundtrack that is social media friendly

  3. Upload to your social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook,YouTube).

  4. Link to Realestate.com.au and/or Domain.com.au to maximise your investment in these on-line promotional channels.

  5. Share the file with your clients so they can also promote the property via their social media accounts to maximise exposure.

The video will showcase the key selling features of the property, with a call to action at the end to entice immediate follow up.

for more information, if you still have questions

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